The Aspire Learning difference

Aspire Learning provides more than the traditional conferencing experience to deliver specialised and superior learning and networking opportunities for attendees and delegates alike.

No sales pitches!  Almost every session is delivered by business leaders who have at least 15-20 years of corporate experience from industry leading organisations.

Research and focus – well researched events and the use of industry advisory boards to assist program formulation.
Relevance – continuity and specialisation in programming where all speakers collaborate on the conference content to avoid duplication.

Quality – renewed focus on the experience – 5-star venue and location, premium food and beverage selection.

Affordability – Aspire Learning offers the wider business community an equal opportunity to learn. It understand that small to medium businesses may not have bigger training budgets than larger corporations may have. Ticket prices are in some cases, 50% – 70% cheaper than comparable events that can charge $3,000 per delegate.

Ethical Business Practice – all speakers are paid for their time and expertise. They kindly donate their speaker fees to the charity of their choice. Each event that Aspire Learning hosts expects to raise at least $20,000 in funds for worthwhile causes.

Educational outcomes

  1. Understand the trends.
  2. Explore what it takes to “make it”.
  3. Develop your leadership potential.
  4. Make an immediate impact.

What knowledge and skills are needed for rising leaders?

When climbing to the rungs of the corporate ladder, there is a difference between perception and reality. What does it actually take to “make it”?

It’s better to learn from others mistakes than your own?

A plan for your personal and professional development in your leadership journey is needed and gaining insight from those who have “made it” can help aspiring business leaders to reach their goals much faster.

Aspire Learning Events:

ASPIRE CMO – education focused for aspiring marketing leaders.
ASPIRE CIO – education focused for aspiring IT leaders.
ASPIRE CEO – education focused for aspiring business leaders.
ASPIRE HOS – education focused for aspiring sales leaders.
ASPIRE CFO – education focused for aspiring finance leaders.
ASPIRE HRD – education focused for aspiring human resources leaders