The Aspire HRD Summit provides case studies and thought leadership across four critical areas of Human Resources and People Management:

 Culture, Change & Development

  1. Does your organisation have the right culture it needs to drive future performance?
  2. How can you deliver impacting communication to create change throughout the organisation?
  3. What tools and resources are need to innovate and create transformation and change management?

Innovation & Technology

  1. How has Omni-channel communication affects how business is conducted?
  2. What technology and business processes have caused transformation?
  3. How can HR navigate through disruption?
  4. How can HR transform and lead change by utilising emerging technologies?
  5. How does talent management play a role and what can HR do to assist the business? How are the successful businesses designing their recruitment models to attract the best talent? 

Leadership Development

  1. What are the real costs of high performance?
  2. How can you create an environment that fosters best outcomes for your organisation and your people?
  3. What are the outcomes of an inclusive work environment?
  4. How important is authenticity in leader?

HR Management & Strategy

  1. How can aspiring HRDs can prepare for conversations with their CEO to help deliver the business through change and disruption?
  2. What is the future of the HRD, what are the key trends and how to best respond?
  3. What are the skills and capabilities are needed to take the next step to a HRD?

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